Take Care Of Your Kicks!

Let’s face it… sneakers are expensive!

I recall the thrill I felt when I bought my first pair of black and white Nike Air Max 1’s, the white popped on the shelf and when I tried them on, I knew we were destined for each other. With my feet, perfectly planted in my new Air Maxs’ I walked out the store, ditching my Sebagos, I was at one with my purchase!

Being my first pair of sneakers, I wore them everywhere, to the club, lectures, you name it. So, here comes my pain.. being a first year student, having a limited budget and with no forward planning, especially not including shoe care products in my budget, they did not last. You can probably imagine the beating these guys took, from dirty, sticky nightclub floors to muddy puddles in the midst of the Cape Town winter, our journey together was prematurely over. And an expensive lesson in hindsight.

A good pair of sneakers is both a statement and an investment in you. As sneaker lovers, we rotate them so they last longer but the key to building and keeping your collection looking good is to take good care of them, that means, you need to invest in a sneaker care product. I’ve tried different brands and my favourite by far is the Sneaker LAB range.

Not only does this product do the job intended but they are a proudly South African brand who produces an environmentally friendly solution for sneaker care. This product works like a dream, I personally highly recommend their Deluxe Kit. It contains a sneaker cleaner, sneaker protector, odour protector, a leather care solution and a premium brush. The difference between the Premium and Deluxe kits is the leather care solution, and anyone who owns a pair of Air Force 1’s will know this is an essential item.

My only criticism is the 50ml bottle sizes are too small. If you have a large sneaker collection, you need to buy several kits, this gets quite pricey. The manufacturers should have available different bottle sizes.

Any advice on how you keep your sneakers clean and fresh, share them on this thread or on the RTWCollective social platforms, spread the love! Otherwise check out the featured video for instructions straight from the Sneaker LAB team.


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