Realising the branding power of an occasion.

Realising the branding power of an occasion.

adidas Tubular Radial- "Year Of The Rooster" Packadidas Superstar "Year Of The Rooster" Packadidas Stan Smith "Year Of The Rooster" PackConverse Thunderbolt "Year Of The Rooster" Converse Coach Jacket- "Year Of The Rooster" Converse Sweater- "Year Of The Rooster" Converse Tee- "Year Of The Rooster"Vans Old Skool "Year Of The Rooster" CollectionVans Old Skool "Year Of The Rooster" Collection
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How big brands leverage special occasions to drive sales.

Any person with a keen interest in marketing and branding will realise the importance of occasion based marketing when it comes to releasing new products, and it’s the big brands with the big budgets that are able to make use of said occasions in any which way they like to drive sales through the roof.  Whether it be that hyped-up sneaker release or that seemingly ridiculous summer clearance sale, we all feel like we need to get in on it regardless of our financial situation- I, myself, am hugely guilty of this.  Look, I’m not saying that this is negative attribute of big brands. In fact, the creativity that is driven by such occasions makes the world we live in an extremely interesting place to be, especially in the world of fashion. Leading me to the reason for this article…

Chinese New Year 2017- The Year of the Rooster.

Anyone who has been closely following some of the big fashion brands in the past couple months will have noticed that a huge amount of hype has been placed over the Chinese New Year, which took place on January 28th. Brands such as Converse, adidas and Vans have all jumped onto the bandwagon and have produced some really fresh merchandise to go along with this special day on the lunar calendar.  Above are but a few examples of the products that were released in conjunction with the holiday.

Featured “Year Of The Rooster” collections include:

adidas Originals Tubular Radial, Stan Smith & Superstar silhouettes.

CONVERSE Thunderbolt silhouette as well as a sweater, tee & coach jacket.

Vans x Kim Kiroic ‘Old Skool’ silhouette.


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