Kicking It with Daily Paper


Yesterday was a good day for RTW Collective!

With the help of Puma South Africa, I was given the opportunity to interview three extremely influential individuals in the streetwear community- Abderrahmane Trabsini, Jefferson Osei and Hussein Suleiman of the Daily Paper. To be completely honest, in the time building up to the interview I was slightly nervous because this would be the first major interview for the platform. When I eventually got to sit down and chat to the guys, everything changed.

Prior to formalities, we chatted about their time in South Africa and the things that they’ve been up to whilst here and it was clear to see that they are just normal dudes living out their dream one day at a time. Personality wise, they are completely unpretentious and exceptionally creative, and I can now see why their brand has taken off in the way that it has. They are the kind of people that have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to trends, and their uncanny ability to communicate and interact has allowed each of them to be the perfect ambassadors for their own brand. For those who don’t follow them, the Daily Paper started out as a lifestyle blog that covered everything from fashion to entertainment to events. Being a blogger, I drew parallels between myself and them and it made me realise the opportunities that are out there for those who work hard and do what they’re passionate about. The fact that three friends with no formal fashion qualifications and minimal design experience can go on to be a highly-recognized fashion brand in Europe, and the rest of the world in fact, says enough about the power of determination.

Without giving away too much, we discussed some of the major obstacles they faced when trying to break through into the streetwear industry as well as who their major influences were and where they drew their inspiration from. We spoke about the perfect synergy between Daily Paper and Puma, and how they communicated their influences into the design of their collections.

All in all it was such a great experience and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them again tomorrow at the Sneaker Exchange JHB to carry on our conversation in a less formal environment.

Keep a lookout on the website and all social pages for a link to the full video interview, I promise it won’t disappoint!


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