4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Hoodie Game

Frosty mornings, shorter days, longer nights – all signs that winter has finally snuck up on us.

It seems like forever that the hoodie has been the piece of clothing that people throw on when they’re feeling lazy and aren’t willing to put effort into their outfits. Over the last few years however, with the rise of streetwear into high fashion, the hoodie has quickly become the stylish essential that every man has in his closet. It’s good to remember that the hoodie is extremely versatile and can be styled accordingly to suit numerous different scenarios; and that’s what I’m going to be talking about in this article.

So, naturally one veers toward the leisure sporty approach when styling a hoodie, generally paired with a nice pair of sneakers but this is not the rule. The hoodie is an item that can easily be the star of its own show when worn by itself, but in order to stand out, here are some winning combinations to make your choice of hoodie stand out.

With a denim jacket

The overall look is relaxed and laid back by adding your hoodie as a layer to your all-time favourite denim jacket. Here, you want your denim jacket to be the focal point of the outfit and the hoodie being a complimentary element. This could be for an addition of colour or just to complete the overall style you’re going for. Denim is really versatile and so the colour of the hoodie is pretty much up to your personal style. Personally, dark tones always come first for me.

With a bomber jacket

Probably the most modern and most frequently seen way in which to style a hoodie would be beneath a bomber jacket. With a bomber jacket you’ll notice that the neck area when zipped up is really tight, making it difficult to wear thick layers underneath it. For this reason it’s better to go for a light-weight type of hoodie to give you a stylish, layered look. Bombers are generally quite heavy-duty anyways, eliminating the need for a thick jersey underneath it.

Under a leather jacket

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, the leather jacket is pretty much a must-have item in your closet and with the onset of winter you get to dress it up or down. Leather jackets add a certain type of edge to your look, and so when pairing a hoodie with it, it’s important that you tone down the colour options, opt for a dark grey or navy hoodie. Finish that off with dark coloured jeans and a pair of black/white sneakers and you’re in for a winning combination.

Under an overcoat

If you’re really looking to dress up your hoodie, a suggestion is to wear it under an overcoat. If sophistication is what you’re going for, be daring and add a hoodie. That is what makes this ensemble such fun, by styling a hoodie with an overcoat, possibly a dark wash jean and a pair of Chelsea boots, voila, a formal and sophisticated look is easily achieved. As an alternate you could style the overcoat with light jeans and a pair of sneakers and you’ve nailed one of the most popular streetwear looks right now.

In winter we dress to impress, so throw on those layers and show everyone you mean business!

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